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Ab Aziz, Azira (2008) Knowledge Management Technology: Current Perception By Small And Medium Enterprise (SME). Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Abd. Rahim, Mohd. Fairuz (2007) Learning Organization Characteristics And Internet Usage In MSC-Status Companies In Malaysia; Perceptions Of Managers And Non-Managers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Balavijendran, Logandran (2008) Intelligent Content Recommendation System For NODKN Based On Prime Knowledge Groups. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

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Rasool, Ghulam (2007) Human Resource Development In Knowledge-Based Economy: Role Of Higher Educational Institutions In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Subramaniam, Suthashini (2007) Perceived Barriers Of Knowledge Sharing At Individual, Organisational And Technological Levels: A Case Study On MARDI. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


-, Rosmaini Tasmin (2008) Knowledge Management Practices And Innovation Activities Among Large Manufacturers In Peninsular Malaysia. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Abdollahi, Bita (2009) The Impact Of Advertising Versus Word Of Mouth In Consumer Decision Making Process In Iran. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Abdullah, Aznur Hajar (2007) Problems And Prospects Of E-Procument Integration In The Malaysian Automobile Industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ahmed, Reaz (2014) Determinants of the ethical behaviours of managers in the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry of Bangladesh. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Akrad, Reza (2010) A Case Study of Iran Khodro Company: A Strategic Analysis. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Alqurashi, Qussai Amer (2015) Factors influencing consumers’ decision making to purchase dates in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Anggayasti, Sekar Ayu (2015) Impact of investors‘ protection and corruption on shareholders and company performance. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

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Asadian Dashbolagh, Parvin (2011) The Barriers Of Female Managers' Career Progression. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Asari, Nadia Shazrin (2009) IT Service Desks: Management & Standards. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Bagherdaryaii, Saeed (2012) Analysis Of Delays In Construction Projects: A Study Of Petrochemical Industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Baroumand, Soroush (2013) The effect of national culture on capital structure. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Borousan , Ehsan (2011) Knowledge Management In Iran Petrochemical Industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Cai, Jiajun (2011) Performance of China Mobile Communications Coporation in the 3G Sector. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chang, Clare Shiau Wei (2005) Establishing Knowledge Management As A Tool For Competitive Advantage: A Study In Malaysian Electronic Business. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chin , Chee Choy (2010) The Relationship Between Strategy And Performance Of MSC Status Companies In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chong, Alain Yee Loong (2008) Empirical Examination Of Collaborative Commerce Adoption For Supply Chain Management Among Malaysian Electrical And Electronic Organizations. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Chong, Chin Wei (2007) Knowledge Management Implementation Inthe Malaysian Telecommunication Industry: An Empirical Evaluation. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Chong, Sze Thiam (2013) Total Quality Management (TQM) and environmental focus for competitive advantage in Malaysian telecommunication industry. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Chong , Siong Choy (2005) Implementation Of Knowledge Management Among Malaysian ICT Companies: An Empirical Study Of Suceess Factors And Organisational Performance. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Choo, Chin Yen (2008) A Case Study Of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chua, Kok Hui (2013) Effect of work life quality in absenteeism in manufacturing industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chun, Tan Eng (2009) A Case Study Of Toyota Production Systems. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Dadfar, Ebrahim (2013) Determinants of organizational knowledge transfer in inter-firm collaborations impacting innovation in Malaysian composite materials industry. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Dorasamy, Magiswary (2013) Knowledge management system for disaster management in Malaysia. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Ebrahimi Bazghaleh, Zahra Fallah (2014) Total Quality Management practices and role stressors in Iranian manufacturing SMEs. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Fariman , Arash (2012) Factors Affecting Workforce Expectations Of Their Future Job: A Study Of Generation Y Of Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Farouk, Ummu Kalsome (2012) Determinants of effective Occupational Safety and Health Committees (OSHCS): A study of Malaysian manufacturing firms. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Ferdouse, Farzana (2007) The Case Study Of 'IOI" Group. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Ghamsari, Mojtaba Rastgou (2009) Systematic Approach To Applying Business Process Reengineering (BPR) In SMES: An Examination Of Critical Success Factors Of BPR In Malaysian SMES. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Hasan, Md. Mahmud (2008) A Case Study Of IOI Plantations. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

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Ho, Sew Tiep (2013) Analysis of household electronic waste recycling in Melaka. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


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Kassaee, Farid (2012) Extended Quality Management Model: A Case In Nargan Co.,Iran. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Khalilabad, Hadi Nejatian (2011) The impact of knowledge management on customer relationship management: An empirical investigation on Malaysian ICT companies. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Lai, Wan Lee (2013) Factors influencing retention among Generation Y employees in the ICT industry in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lau, Hoong Chew (2006) A Case Study On Property Developer Company Sunrise Berhad. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Laurence Alberto, Charles Alberto (2009) Leadership Influence on Process Improvement in the Precast Concrete Industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Leong, Yi Wen (2014) Impact of psychological factors on investment decision in the Malaysian stock market. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Leow, Lei Ping (2024) Awareness and perception of alternative dispute resolution methods in Penang. Issues and Perspectives in Business and Social Sciences, 4 (1). pp. 28-42. ISSN 2785-9266

Lew, Sook Ling (2012) Relationship between information infrastructure capability and organisational competitive advantage: An empirical study on MSC Malaysia companies. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Lim, Ying Zhee (2007) Corporate Governance And Social Reporting: A Study Of Public Listed Companies In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lim, Wan Leng (2010) Intellectual Capital Reporting In Traditional Sectors Of Malaysian Public Listed Corporations. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lim, Jin Yee, Agnes and Teoh, Bak Aun and Yasin, Nurul Ibtisyami and Mohd Arzaman, Ameer Farhan and Ooi, Chai Aun and Goh, Kah Mun (2024) Determinants of consumers' intention to purchase and switch to products of bio-waste: Potential support for a closed-loop supply chain. Issues and Perspectives in Business and Social Sciences, 4 (1). pp. 43-53. ISSN 2785-9266

Lim, Kwee Pheng (2013) Corporate governance and financial performance of public listed companies: Pre and post implementation of the Malaysian code on corporate governance in 2001. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Lim, Liyen (2013) The perception of entrepreneurial success factors of women entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lim, Pei Yun (2015) Leadership style and employees’ innovative behaviour in government-linked companies. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Loo, Mark Kam Loon (2007) Influencing Organisational Buying Process: Antecedents, Dimensions And Consequences. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Mahmoud Aldomy, Rakan Fuad (2015) Determinants of investment decision-making. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Mehdizadeh Momen, Shadi (2014) Transformational leadership, organisation learning and relationship orientation in logistic companies. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Moghadamzadeh, Alireza (2012) Impact Of Windows Workflow Foundation And Windows Communication Foundation On Improvement Of BPM System. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Mohamad, Osman (2015) Influence of internationalization orientation on export performance: In the perspective of Malaysian manufacturing firms. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 30 (1). pp. 83-95. ISSN 0885-8624

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Mohamed Salih, Dilgash Q. (2014) Leadership style and employees’ creative behaviours in Malaysian Small Medium Enterprises. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Mongalo, Sefura Sandra (2007) Preparation For Knowledge Management Implementation: A Nemisa Case Study. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Munusamy, Murali (2012) Factors Influencing Job Hopping Intention Among Gen-Y Employees In The ICT Industry In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Nafisi, Firooze (2009) Risks And Treats Of Broker Companies And How To Adress Them A Case Study In NTWO Company. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Nagalingam, Janani (2009) Analysis Of Strategies : A Case Study Of T-Systems Technology. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ng, Chew Huang (2013) Corporate governance, shariah compliance and audit fees of Malaysian public listed companies. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ng, Jun Hui (2015) Impact of women in boardroom on capital structure and firm performance. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ng, May Yee (2012) Governance in stock broking: A study on executors' technical knowledge, self-efficacy and continuous learning and training. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Ng, Tuan Hock (2014) Capital, risk and efficiency in the Malaysian insurance sector: The moderating role of corporate governance. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Nuril, Kusumawardhani (2007) Impact Of Knowledge Transfer/Sharing During The Period Of Uncertainty: Case Study On Industrial Downsizing. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Octavia, Dita Nu (2010) Reviewing Non-Commercial Web-Based Mashup Editors And The Potential To Leverage The Performance Of Knowledge Workers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Oluwaseyi Ojo, Adedapo (2014) Micro antecedents of absorptive capacity: Implications of social context in joint project teams in Nigerian Upstream oil industry. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Ong, Jeen Wei (2008) Entrepreneurship And Luck As Source - Based Study On Small And Medium Enterprise In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Pawanchik, Zambri (2009) A Case Study Of Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn. Bhd's Corporate Strategy. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Peng, Chan Chon (2009) Case Study Of Promacol Steel Industry. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Pisheh, Hossein Zare (2014) The moderating role of personality in the relationship between trust and knowledge sharing behaviour. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Pouhosseinzadeh, Mahan (2012) Determinants Of Successful Talent Management In MNCs In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Pourhosseinzadeh, Mahan (2012) Determinants Of Successful Talent Management In MNCs In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Rajablu, Mahmoud and Marthandan, Govindan and Wan Yusoff, Wan Fadzilah (2015) Managing for stakeholders: The role of stakeholder-based management in project success. Asian Social Science, 11 (3). pp. 111-125. ISSN 1911-2025

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Ramlan, Jorah (2008) Information And Communication Technology: A Study Of Its Impact On Economic Growth In Malaysia. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Rasiah, Devinaga and Tong, David Yoon Kin and Peong, Kwee Kim (2014) Profitability and firm size-growth relationship in construction companies in Malaysia from 2003 to 2010. Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 17 (3). ISSN 1793-6705

Ratan Singh, Bimeldip Kaur (2012) Best Practices of Strategic Alliances of Malaysian Firms. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Refahi, Abtin (2011) An ITIL Knowledge Management System for Problem & Incident Management in Service Desk Support. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Roozbahani, Mahsa (2011) The Critical Success Factors Of TQM Implementation In Malaysian SMES. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Samani, Robab (2011) Work Life Balance and Quality of Life Among University Employees in Klang Valley. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Sarhan, Mhd Louai and Ab Aziz, Kamarulzaman (2024) Unpacking Qalb Behavioral Traits through the Lens of Maqasid al-Shariah: A Pathway to Foster Inclusive Entrepreneurial Intentions in the Muslim Community. International Journal of Management, Finance and Accounting, 5 (1). pp. 192-236. ISSN 2735-1009

Sayyah, Ezzatollah (2013) The relationship between leadership style and employee loyalty in private sector. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Sherafati, Mahshid (2015) A model for selection and optimal allocation to suppliers under fuzzy conditions. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Shika Pertiwi, Azzalea Nowensha (2014) Critical factors of knowledge sharing among students of private universities. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Shuaibu, Umar (2009) Strategy Implementation During A Recession : A Case Study Of Honda Corporation. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Susanty, Ade Irma (2012) Personality, motivation, and trust influencing knowledge sharing in Indonesian telecommunication companies. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Tan, Teck Hong (2007) Determinants Of Homeownership In Malaysia. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Tan, Chuie Hong and Ho, Sin Ban (2014) Tourists, expatriates and international retirees: An empirical evidence from Malaysia. SHS Web of Conferences, 12. pp. 1-8. ISSN 2261-2424

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Tang, Chin Turk (2008) Case Study: IJM Plantations Berhad. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Te, Zhai (2008) A Discussion On Singapore's Intergrated Resort. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Teh, Sok Wei (2006) Preference Survey Of Generalized Enterprise Knowledge Portal (EKP) Versus Distributed Knowledge Management Portals (DKMPs) : A Case Study In A Software Engineering Division Of A Multinational Company In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Teh, Boon Heng and Ong, Tze San (2011) Capital structure and corporate performance of Malaysian construction sector. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 1 (2). pp. 28-36. ISSN 2220-8488

Teoh, Kung Keat (2008) Empirical Study Of The Impact Of Presence And Para Social Presence On Trust In Online Virtual Electronic Commerce. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Tong, David Yoon Kin (2014) International tourists interest in street vendors souvenirs: A descriptive study. SHS Web of Conferences, 12. pp. 1-7. ISSN 2261-2424

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tan, Chuie Hong (2008) International Skilled Labour Migration Flows Into Malaysia And Its Impact On Malaysian Economy. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Vosoughi Shahvari, Pooneh (2012) Investigating Technology Acceptance Of Web 2.0 In Knowledge Management System. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Wan Omar Sukri, Wan Laila Fatihah (2009) Case Study Of Manager\'s Roles In Change Management In Media Prima Berhad (Towards Learning Organisations). Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

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Wong , Chin Hao (2012) Design and Development of an Interactive Mobile-Based Game. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Yaacob, Mohamed Hasbi (2009) Case Study Of Business Information Technology Sdn. Bhd. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Yeming, Han (2005) China After WTO : Shanghai Real Estate Development Trend. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

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