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Abdullah, Saleha and Mohamad Nor, Normiza and Ramar, Krishnathevar (2017) Field measurements on earthing systems of different soil resistivity values under high impulse conditions. Electrical Engineering, 99 (3). pp. 1005-1011. ISSN 0948-7921: eISSN: 1432-0487

Abu Bakar, Fadzillah (2017) Impact Of Debt On Income And Lifestyle. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ahamed Ayoobkhan, Mohamed Uvaze (2017) Image Compression And Retrieval Using Prediction And Wavelet - Based Techniques. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Alawanthan, Dinesh (2017) Examining The Role Of Civic Networks, Technology And Institutional Supports For Disaster Preparedness In Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Ali Andabawa, Aisha (2017) Factors Influencing Intention to Purchase Organic Dairy Products. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Au, Benedict Wen Cheun (2017) Investigation Of Sodium And Potassium Doped P-Type Zinc Oxide Films. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Chen, Chooi Mun (2017) Entrepreneurial Intention Among Undergraduate Students. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Cheong, Zhen Fui (2017) Determinants of Customer Loyalty in Internet Service Provider in High Speed Broadband in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Chong, Siew Chin and Teoh, Andrew Beng Jin and Ong, Thian Song (2017) Unconstrained face verification with a dual-layer block-based metric learning. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76 (2). pp. 1703-1719. ISSN 1380-7501; eISSN: 1573-7721

Choon, Shay Wei and Tan, Siow Hooi and Chong, Lee Lee (2017) The perception of households about solid waste management issues in Malaysia. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 19 (5). pp. 1685-1700. ISSN 1387-585X; eISSN: 1573-2975


Deivasigamani, Subbramania Pattar and Senthilpari, Chinnaiyan and Yong, Wong Hin (2017) Classification of focal and nonfocal EEG signals using ANFIS classifier for epilepsy detection. International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, 26 (4). pp. 277-283. ISSN 08999457


Etobi Arreneke, Nkwa Agbor (2017) Field Site Investigation of Earthing Systems. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Foo, Yee Loo and Takada, Junichi (2017) Aggregate Interference of Equidistant Cognitive Radios. Wireless Personal Communications, 92 (3). pp. 1053-1069. ISSN 1572-834X


Hassan, Anuar (2017) Factors Influencing Reading Preference Among Comic Readers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Haw, Su Kheng (2017) Critical Success Factors For E-Learning Implementation In A Secondary School : A Case Study. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Jesudoss, Paul Doss O P S (2017) Antecedents Of Outsourcing Intensity And Success For Banking Automated Teller Machine Operations In Malaysia. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Koay, Kian Yeik (2017) Antecedents And Consequences Of Cyberloafing Among ICT Employees In MSC Status Companies. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Lai, Hui Shi (2017) Financial Literacy: An Elucidation To Consumer Credit Paradox. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lee, Serene Kim Min (2017) Factors Influencing Knowledge Creativity Among Generation Y. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Lin, Horng Sheng (2017) Design, Fabriccation And Applications Of Fiber Taper For Filtering And Sensing. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Liow, Song Ching (2017) Impact of ASEAN- China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) on China-Malaysia Trade Flow. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Low, Jing Hong (2017) Learning Strategy Framework To Memorise Ideogrammic Compounds Chinese Characters. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


M.Nurdin, Nabila (2017) Inter-Firm Linkages, Creditworthiness And Access To Finance In Malaysian Manufacturing Small Medium Enterprises. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Malik Abusin, Asaad Abdallah Yousif (2017) Performance Enhancement Techniques For Voice Over Internet Protocol Version 6. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Mhd Pauzi, Muhammad Asyraf (2017) Digital Preservation Of Malaysian Historical Artefact Using 3D Scanner: A Case Study Of Mah Meri Mask. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Minjoot, Michelle Anne (2017) A Study on the Purchase Intention of Luxury Goods Among Malaysian Consumers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Moein, Sara and Logeswaran, Rajasvaran and Ahmad Fauzi, Mohammad Faizal (2017) Detection of heart disorders using an advanced intelligent swarm algorithm. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, 23. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1079-8587; eISSN: 2326-005X

Mokhtar, Faridah (2017) Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Personality. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Muhamad Yasin, Shahrin Zen (2017) Fabrication And Characterization Of Thulium Doped Modified Silica Fibre. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Multimedia University, (2017) 7 Chapters of Alumni Meet & Greet, A Very Happy Reunion for the 'GEMS'. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Benchmarking with Global No.1s, MMU is Soaring Upwards. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Caring Gesture at Iftar Perdana MMU. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Delightful Bronze from SIRIM Invention, Innovation and Technology Expo. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) EduCoop Names Prof. Wong Outstanding Educator. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Emergence of ‘Imagineers’ Through Digital Creative Content Creation Competition 2017. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) An Enthralling Flow of Innovation – Our Students Express Arts Through Mediated Experience. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Entrepreneurs and Innovators Urged to Take-up Fearless & Creative Approaches. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Exposing Youth to the Digital Tech Courses. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) FCM Lecturer is Part of the Trailblazers to Launch Spacecraft to the Moon. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) FCM Students Taking Turns at Winning the First Ever sCooler Awards. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) FOB Final Year Students Expose to Bangkok Bank’s Management Trainee. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) FOM Lecturer Receives CMA Global Recognition. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Firming Research Culture and Practices in Science & Technology. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Four FCM Animators Rise to Top at Animation Masters Summit. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Good Signs for EDC. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) HiVE Project – the Trendsetter for Knowledge Innovation in 2017 and Beyond. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) ICoICT 2017 – MMU A Step Forward as An Industry Trendsetter. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) IET United Kingdom Elects Prof. Dr. Ir. Wong as Fellow. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU A Champion of WSIS Prizes 2017 at Geneva. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Awarded Self-Accreditation Status by MQA. Newsfalsh MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Business Apprentice Among the Best Finishers at HSBC-Enactus Malaysia Business Case Competition 2017. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Innovators Harvest Medals at ITEX 2017. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Lecturer Received Distinguished Alumni Award from Alma Mater. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Partners with MaGIC & Cyberview to Establish Futurise Centre. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Raya Gathering 2017 Fosters Unity & Muhibbah. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Shares Expertise In Setting Up the UniSZA Digital Hub. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU Startups Go Agile to Win Big in ITEX Newest Competition Category. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU and MINDS to enhance collaboration. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU and ZTE Seal MoA to Extend Technological Innovation and Vocational Coaching. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU5 Team Shares Excellent Journey of Winning Best Design Award at VEX Robotics World Championship. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) MMU’s Accounting Talent Brings Home ICAEW World Prize. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Ministry of Higher Education Entrusts Our Video Makers in 'Redesigning Higher Education'. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Multimedia University. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Hin Yong named IEM Fellow. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Psycho-Thriller Theatre “Sebelum Ku Terjaga” an Eye-Opener at ArtXpression Festival 2017. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Strategic Comm Students Among the Five Best Teams in the Dream Project. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Visit by Dato' Seri Idris Jusoh, Minister of MOHE. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) Way to Go, MMU Innovators Harvest Medals at ITEX 2017. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) Welcoming Speech by The MMU President. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) Young Contemporaries Award for MMU Media Arts Student. Newsflash MMU.

Multimedia University, (2017) i-University Initiatives : ENGAGE. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) i-University Initiatives : GROW. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) i-University Initiatives : REACH. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) i-University Initiatives : SPACES. [Video]

Multimedia University, (2017) i-university Initiatives : BLEND. [Video]


Ng, Keng Hoong and Khor, Kok Chin and Tong, Gee Kok (2017) Class Association Rules for Profiling Outlier Stocks. International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and its Application, 9 (3). pp. 114-131. ISSN 2074-8523


Omar, Nurul Nisa (2017) The Significance Of Massively Multiplayer Online Games Approach In Education. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Ong, Jeen Wei (2017) Market Orientation and Industrial Organisation View of Factors Contributing towards Firm Performance: A Study of Malaysian Small Medium Enterprises. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Ooi, Shih Yin and Tan, Shing Chiang and Cheah, Wooi Ping (2017) Temporal sampling forest (TS-F): an ensemble temporal learner. Soft Computing: Methodologies and Applications, 21 (23). pp. 7039-7052. ISSN 1615-3871

Othman, Hazira (2017) Consumer Awareness on Halal Cosmetic Products and Effect on Purchase Intention. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Pachayappan, Neetha Kumari (2017) Determinants Of Knowledge Productivity Effectiveness Among Malaysian Public Service Officers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Poon, Wai Chuen (2017) Organisational Context And Behavioral Complexity As Antecedents Of Ambidexterity And Its Role Towards Enhancing Individual Entrepreneurial Characteristics. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Rahmat, Nur Atiqa (2017) Investigation Of The Characteristics Of Thulium Doped Alumina Nanoperticles For Applications In Silica-Based Fibers. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Reham Saood, Aljohani (2017) Asymmetric Effects of Brand Confusion. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Singh, Ajay Kumar and Saadatzi, Mohammadsadegh and Venkataseshaiah, Chinthakunta (2017) Design of a single-ended energy efficient data-dependent-write-assist dynamic (DDWAD) SRAM cell for improved stability and reliability. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 90 (2). pp. 411-426. ISSN 0925-1030; eISSN: 1573-1979

Solarin, Sakiru Adebola (2017) Disaggregated military expenditure and the debt level in Nigeria. Quality & Quantity, 51 (4). pp. 1687-1705. ISSN 0033-5177; eISSN: 1573-7845

Syed Kamaruzaman, Sharifah Nurul Aida (2017) Modelling Customer Loyalty Among Mobile Telecommunication Users. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Tadayyon, Nazanin (2017) Critical Success Factors In Organisation Change Management. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Tarique Azam, Nekhat Sultana (2017) The Use Of Physical Acting Tools To Develop Acting References Among Animation Students. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.

Teo, Geok Cheng (2017) Cultural Values on Consumer Adoption of Near Field Communication - enabled Mobile Payment. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Vafaeepour, Alireza (2017) Printed Internet-Sourced Materials As Alternative To Reading Textbooks. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.

Veeraya, Segaran (2017) Intention Of Information And Communication Technology Employees In Malaysia For Green Information System Implementation. Masters thesis, Multimedia University.


Wang, Yandan and See, John and Oh, Yee Hui and Phan, Raphael Chung Wei and Rahulamathavan, Yogachandran and Ling, Huo Chong and Tan, Su Wei and Li, Xujie and UNSPECIFIED (2017) Effective recognition of facial micro-expressions with video motion magnification. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76 (20). pp. 21665-21690. ISSN 1380-7501; eISSN: 1573-7721

Wong, Ying Qian (2017) Optical And Electrical Performance Optimisation Of Conjugated Polymer-Based Organic Solar Cells. PhD thesis, Multimedia University.


Yeoh, Mian En and Chan, Kah Yoong (2017) Synthesis of dye-sensitised solar cells utilising platinised counter electrode. Materials Research Innovations, 21 (4). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1433-075X

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